Cammo was born from a collabration with ‘Monkey RMG’, a friend and a great street artist. Our difference in styles

Shattered sky ‘Shattered Skies, the main artwork of my solo exhibition ‘I Love my X’es’, a remarkable scale model and a

Broken light

Visual resonance, when employed with precision and balance, holds significant sway over the viewer. In “Broken light,” the strategic use

50/50 in Japan

Framed print, 50×65 cm

Digital Idols

Spray paint on wall, 3.5×2 meter stencil

Bringing back the colors

“Bring back the colors” is an interactive art-installation, I made cfor the Bun-Gurion University. It’s goal is to restore hope

A Fuzzy Rainbow

3D print, Spary paint, Acrylic paint, Wood, 29x96x6 cm

In the dark

A collaboration with Vlad Berlin, Spray paint on wall

Subway blues

Spray paint on wall, 490×250 cm

The Birth

3D print, Acrylic paint, Readymade, 50x80x40 cmCreated in 2021 for the “No Bodiez” group exhibition.

Helmet design

Design of 4 helmets as a pilot for a more significant production. 

Modern Piracy

Modern Piracy 3D print, Acrylic paint, Readymade, 65x65x25 cmCreated in 2023 for the “BOARDom” group exhibition.later 3D scanned using photogrammetry 

Berlin Billiard Room

Ground floor design for the Berlin in Florentine pub, including both wallpaper printing and spray-painted parts


As non-repetitive and ever changing my life is, so does the fact that It’s been a while since I dived


Spray paint on wall

In the corner

Spray paint on wall



The Art We Deserve

Created at the PopUp Raanana 2022 Exhibition, Spray paint on wall


BOARDom A group exhibition by the Urbanics collective at the Boardz Gallery, Tel Aviv • Opening: 25.08.2023 • Curator: Oz Madar Photographs by Boaz

The Dreaming House

A group exhibition by the KakdelArt residence at Yefet 30, Tel Aviv, Israel • Opening: 24.05.2023 • Curator: Dasha Ilyashenko

Masters of Style

A group exhibition at the L1, Tel Aviv, Israel • Opening: 20.04.2023 • Curator: Oz Madar Photographs by Boaz Pasternak

Dripping couple

3D print, Spary paint, Vinyl, On Canvas, 40x30cm

Issie Shapiro POP UP

A group exhibition at Beit Issie Shapiro, Ra’anana, Israel • Opening: 25.12.2022 • Curator: Rafi Baler

Pop-up Museum TLV

A mural covering the livingroom & kitchen in one and a room in another appartment done at the POP UP

International art of mine

I can’t find a better word than “amazed” but maybe “grateful” would do.My art traveled across the globe to Accra,

Hod Ha’Sharon POP UP

A group exhibition at Eshkol 7, Hod Ha’Sharon, Israel • Opening: 10.07.2022 • Curator: Rafi Baller


Finally, I got to creating my first NFT's

The Cloth of Feel-Good

Month after month I see my designs being dressed on beautiful humans and used to present the brand I work

Open Art Space

A group exhibition at Kikar Atarim, Tel Aviv • Opening: 01.09.2021 • Curator: Danb Groover

Beyond the masks

A group exhibition at the Social Space TLV, Tel Aviv • Opening: 20.04.2021 • Curator: Dan Groover


NoBodyZ A group exhibition by the Urbanics collective at the Knafaim gallery, Tel Aviv • Opening: 18.03.2021 • Curator: Oz Madar

Mid 2020

It's been a (too) long time since I updated the blog so only an eclectic post would do good

POP UP Museum 2 TLV

A group exhibition at Katznelson 7, Tel Aviv • Opening: 01.01.2020 • Curator: Yaara Sachs

Street Art Exhibition

A group exhibition at the Spot Hostel, Tel Aviv • Opening: 18.12.2019 • Curator: Dan Groover

POP UP Raanana

A group exhibition at Jabotinsky 12, Raanana • Opening: 24.10.2019 • Curator: Rafi Baler

Bulgaria 2019

Two days in a visual paradise, from welcoming the sun at an abandoned soviet monument to an amazing (real) Minecraft

Romania 2019

A weekend of driving with friends and motivation to see as much as possible. Have to admit it turned out pretty

Memory created

Well, my kid asked for a memory game - the challenge was accepted.

Return of the Phhhoto

"To spice things up there was a bug that prevented me from saving new GIFs" an old project never seen the


Finally find the time to finish the long-lasting helmet project. Enjoy

Helmet Time

Every time I play with something physical, a 3D shaped object I discover something new. This time I tested new

Multifariousness of interests

I think the only way I can describe this weekend is with long words written inside the post

Mevo Moddim

Once, they drove trough an ever-green forest to reach the house

On TV (again ?) and in a great article

As it seems, the Chernobyl matter still hits the headlines and I was invited to another morning show, Channel 12

Jerusalem’s fire

As I sit and dive deep into design, a whatsapp massage wakes me up – a photo shows a descent

Kiev 2019

A quite necessary 3 days of decompression after a decent dose of Chernobyl with a nuclear research bunker, Great restaurant

JRS design week

The visit in Hanson house, as a part of the Jerusalem Design week was great in two ways: The exhibits

In the news (2 channels in a day)

I landed back to Israel when the third episode of Chernobyl was on air. I quickly edited the photos and

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