Shattered sky

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‘Shattered Skies, the main artwork of my solo exhibition ‘I Love my X’es’, a remarkable scale model and a VR digital twin meticulously crafted from the remnants of an actual crashed fighter plane. It conveys the profound impact of crashes, both in professional and personal realms, evoking feelings of imposter syndrome that are shared by all as they navigate uncharted territory.

‘Shattered Skies’ serves as a visual metaphor for transformation, mirroring the collaborative process of falling out of love. This metamorphosis maintains the essence of the original form, like the fighter plane’s structure, while infusing it with a fresh sense of purpose and creativity. Just as the fighter plane wreckage becomes a canvas for new works of art, this piece symbolizes artistry in rejuvenating the “old,” the “used,” and the “ruined” into a breathtaking representation of resilience.

Acrylic paint on Skyhawk A4-F plane, 720x500x180 cm

After a long research and help from my amazing team I was able to locate the last pilot that operated that specific plane and he agreed to conduct an interview

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