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Love ? Hate ?

Everyone perceives the representation of a heart differently – love, memories, hate, life, death or just an icon that shows a virtual affection. I had the need to allow each and every one to choose his own emotion yet without giving up on the smile that comes out when a person encounter a bright heart above his head.

That being said I want to invite you to have a magical walk around Tel Aviv & look for a heart or two.

Making of the path

The design of the base shape shape of the heart was based on the original heart Emoji designed by Shigetaka Kurita  in 1999, helping to spread the Digital-Physical combination of the undefined emotion it represents.

After completing the 3D modeling and printing the first batch several Major flaws were discovered and I got back to testing & design. After 4 versions of the heart design, mostly working on it’s strength vs. weight & volume and grip ability with different glues the printing process began.

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