Broken light

Visual resonance, when employed with precision and balance, holds significant sway over the viewer. In “Broken light,” the strategic use of repeated skull shapes,  215 times—serves as a visual metaphor for the contrast between the artwork’s colors and the inevitable end that awaits everything and everyone.
Within the broader context of “I Love my Xe’s,” a solo exhibition by me, this piece stands as a central visual focal point. The exhibition, a pioneering blend of physical and virtual-immersive elements, delves into the complexities of interpersonal relationships, the journey of falling in love, disillusionment, and self-rebuilding.
“Broken light” is not merely an appetizer but a conceptual linchpin for the exhibition spaces. Placed strategically, it guides viewers through a collaborative experience, intertwining with other works through design and colors. Its location at the transition between exhibition parts serves as both a conceptual and visual bridge.
Upon entering the space, viewers confront the imposing “Broken light,” measuring 3.85 meters in width. Its deliberate placement prevents viewers from grasping the entire work in one glance, intensifying the sense of smallness in the face of death, reminiscent of the cathedrals’ impact in the Middle Ages.
Initially evoking feelings of peace and harmony, the vibrant color spectrum gradually gives way to dissonance as viewers realize the skulls’ human origin. This emotional journey explores the impact of color on emotions, particularly within subjects not conventionally associated with color representation.
The decision to craft the skulls through 3D printing raises awareness about the growing role of mass production in our lives, infiltrating even the human body with readily available performance-enhancing products. The presentation of human “production” at life’s final stage critiques the culture of excess consumption and production, hinting at the perilous consequences. The X-shaped eyes on the skulls symbolize death, akin to character demise in comics and animation.


But really colorful and vibrant.
So that for a second we will forget its morbidity and focus on the rainbow.
Despite it all.

3D print, Spary paint, Acrylic paint, Wood, 385×100 cm

It revolves around determination and the extent to which you immerse yourself in a project so in the case of 'Broken Light,' I believe it was the most challenging and demanding endeavor I've undertaken so far, particularly in terms of planning and production. Every detail, from anticipating laser-cut screw holes to preparing a foam bag for transportation, required careful consideration in advance.

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