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International art of mine

I can’t find a better word than “amazed” but maybe “grateful” would do.


Finally, I got to creating my first NFT's

The Cloth of Feel-Good

Month after month I see my designs being dressed on beautiful humans and used to present the brand I work


A new project, updated daily

Mid 2020

It's been a (too) long time since I updated the blog so only an eclectic post would do good

Bulgaria 2019

Two days in a visual paradise, from welcoming the sun at an abandoned soviet monument to an amazing (real) Minecraft

Romania 2019

A weekend of driving with friends and motivation to see as much as possible. Have to admit it turned out pretty

Memory created

Well, my kid asked for a memory game - the challenge was accepted.

Return of the Phhhoto

"To spice things up there was a bug that prevented me from saving new GIFs" an old project never seen the


Finally find the time to finish the long-lasting helmet project. Enjoy

Helmet Time

Every time I play with something physical, a 3D shaped object I discover something new. This time I tested new

Multifariousness of interests

I think the only way I can describe this weekend is with long words written inside the post

Mevo Moddim

Once, they drove trough an ever-green forest to reach the house

On TV (again ?) and in a great article

As it seems, the Chernobyl matter still hits the headlines and I was invited to another morning show, Channel 12

Jerusalem’s fire

As I sit and dive deep into design, a whatsapp massage wakes me up – a photo shows a descent

Kiev 2019

A quite necessary 3 days of decompression after a decent dose of Chernobyl with a nuclear research bunker, Great restaurant

JRS design week

The visit in Hanson house, as a part of the Jerusalem Design week was great in two ways: The exhibits

In the news (2 channels in a day)

Have to admit it felt amazing! I never would have thought to get that amount of coverage, but I guess the

Chernobyl 2019

Mixed emotions, is the best way to describe being 3 days in the zone.


This “arrange-everything-in-one-place” thing had to come eventually, so from now on, I’ll try to combine all of my worlds here.

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