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Bringing back the colors

“Bring back the colors” is an interactive art-installation, I made cfor the Bun-Gurion University. It’s goal is to restore hope

A Fuzzy Rainbow

3D print, Spary paint, Acrylic paint, Wood, 29x96x6 cm

The Birth

3D print, Acrylic paint, Readymade, 50x80x40 cmCreated in 2021 for the “No Bodiez” group exhibition.

Modern Piracy

Modern Piracy 3D print, Acrylic paint, Readymade, 65x65x25 cmCreated in 2023 for the “BOARDom” group exhibition.later 3D scanned using photogrammetry 

Dripping couple

3D print, Spary paint, Vinyl, On Canvas, 40x30cm

Spikey’s trio

3D print, Acrylic paint,  60×60 cm