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Cammo was born from a collabration with ‘Monkey RMG’, a friend and a great street artist. Our difference in styles

Shattered sky ‘Shattered Skies, the main artwork of my solo exhibition ‘I Love my X’es’, a remarkable scale model and a

Broken light

Visual resonance, when employed with precision and balance, holds significant sway over the viewer. In “Broken light,” the strategic use

50/50 in Japan

Framed print, 50×65 cm

Digital Idols

Spray paint on wall, 3.5×2 meter stencil

Bringing back the colors

“Bring back the colors” is an interactive art-installation, I made cfor the Bun-Gurion University. It’s goal is to restore hope

A Fuzzy Rainbow

3D print, Spary paint, Acrylic paint, Wood, 29x96x6 cm

In the name of

Spray paint on wall

In the dark

A collaboration with Vlad Berlin, Spray paint on wall

Subway blues

Spray paint on wall, 490×250 cm